Decode Genomics is an emerging center for research, training and molecular diagnosis of human inherited disease, which is very significant field of modern molecular biology and need of the societies with high rate of consanguineous marriages. This private platform offers broad range of its services to the community which includes molecular diagnosis of the different genetic and inherited disease along with counseling of affected individual and parents to make our homeland free from all hereditary diseases. Besides this magnanimous initiative, other areas include, research and training internship facilities for students and enthusiasts to get familiar and mending their hands-on lab skills and thoughtfulness for producing dexterous force of potential professional in this scientific field of great concern.

Other allied areas in which our PhD resource persons and mentors may provide their services and expertise are, introduction to state-of-the art genomic research techniques and their applications, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data generation and analysis, Direct sequencing and sequence analysis, Biotechnology and recombinant DNA technology applications, Primer and probe designing, PCR and RT-qPCR applications in molecular diagnostics and other nitty-gritties, Molecular biology research techniques, Application of bioinformatics tools and analysis of omics data, Mathematical and quantitative biology consultancy, Product and technology development, Consultancy to optimize experimental protocols, Assistantship to graduate and postgraduate students in conceiving and designing their research project alongwith thesis/manuscript write-up and editing facilities, Foreign education carrier counseling services, Support to seek potential funding resources from indigenous and foreign funding agencies.

Decode Genomics team is committed to community services and playing its part to harness inherited diseases through molecular analysis and genetic counseling alongwith grooming of the students and young scientist to come at par to the rest of the world and trying our level best to flare the scientific culture in Pakistan.

Mission Statement

Harness Inherited Diseases


Molecular Diagnosis & Genetic Counseling

“Decode Genomics” is an intriguing awareness of inherited diseases in the multitudes to break the chain of genome borne ailments at our homeland by screening and counselling the sufferers, parents and the general public. Promotion of research culture, flaring thoughtfulness and understanding the importance of molecular diagnosis to harness genetic diseases through modern genomic tools can make the difference in our society to get rid of all these perils