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Resource Person | Director-Diagnostics

Dr. Furqan Sabir is PhD in Biochemistry, co-founder and Director-Diagnostics of “DECODE GENOMICS” having experience of more than a decade in the field of advanced molecular diagnostics and genetic counseling of inherited diseases. He has established a few molecular diagnostic setups for eradication and prevention of pathological as well as inherited diseases in Punjab and privileged to establish first ever DNA prenatal testing lab for genetic diseases in public sector. He is providing his consultancy services to many molecular pathological/genetics laboratories. Currently, serving as “DNA Lab Consultant” in “Punjab Thalassemia Prevention Program” at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore. He has international exposure of state-of-the-art “DNA prenatal testing centers for inherited diseases. He is proficient in optimizing PCR protocols and other contemporary techniques which includes RFLP, ARMS, HRM, Direct Sequencing, Genotyping, Real Time-PCR and Recombinant DNA technology applications in different genetic disease. A couple of research articles are also in his credit. He is dedicated and committed to eradicate genetic diseases in Pakistan.

Resource Person | Director-Research

Dr. Rashid Saif is co-founder/Director-Research of “DECODE GENOMICS” and Associate Professor at Gulab Devi Educational Complex, Lahore. He is PhD in molecular biology & biotechnology from IBBt-UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan and conducted his doctoral research under IRSIP fellowship from University of Missouri-Columbia, USA on Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) of progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and microarray genotyping of solid tumors through SNP chip data analysis. He is also trained from University of Washington-Seattle, USA in quantitative genetics, pathway & network analysis, integrative genomics and NGS omics data analysis through “R”. He is author of 20 publications and has established a few foreign collaborations in different ongoing research projects with University of Bern-Switzerland, Georgia Institute of Technology-Atlanta, University of Missouri-Columbia and University of Washington-Seattle, USA. Dr. Rashid is proficient in wide range of research & diagnostic techniques including gene expression studies through Real Time-qPCR, molecular diagnosis of genetic & inherited diseases through Sanger and NGS data analysis, PCR nitty-gritties, recombinant DNA technology, phylogenetics & evolutionary biology, bioinformatics, theoretical biology and statistical analysis of genetics/omics data through Python, Mathematica, R and PLINK data analysis toolsets. Furthermore, he has presented his research at different national and international platforms including USA and Japan.

Resource Person | Quantitative Life Sciences

Mrs. Saeeda Zia has 17 years of teaching experience in Mathematics.  Currently, she is working as Assistant Professor and PhD candidate having expertise in two fields of applied mathematics including Mathematical Biology and Mathematical Physics. She is proficient in theoretical biology, quantitative life sciences and biomathematical aspects of genetics, molecular biology, epidemiology and omics data. She is trained from Department of Biostatistics, University of Washington-Seattle, USA and attended hands-on summer institutes in “Statistics and modeling in infectious diseases”. Mrs. Saeeda is serving as mentor and consultant for project designing in this relatively new field of mathematical biology, specially the mathematics of genome analysis, mathematical modeling in contact network epidemiology, infectious diseases, immunology and with-in host modeling. Her other expertise, and pivotal role in this organization is to bridge the gap and serve as facilitator/interdisciplinary expert for the biology and mathematics students and professionals. She is well acquainted with mathematical modeling in biology, gene expression data analysis through Livak Method and well conversant to different softwares e.g Mathematica, R, Python, Maple and MEGA for molecular biology omics data analysis. She has published seven articles and presented her research at different national and international conferences.