Research project conceiving and designing services may be provided to the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Molecular biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Biochemistry, Animal genomics, Biological sciences, Zoology, Medical laboratory sciences, Molecular pathology and genomics, Quantitative life sciences and Mathematical biology disciplines with research areas of next generation sequencing (NGS), genetics and genomics, recombinant DNA technology, gene expression studies, genome-wide association studies (GWAS), genetic & inherited diseases and disease associated variants discovery.

Molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemical and fermentation techniques may be involved which includes PCR, ARMS-PCR, HRM, gene characterization, sequence analysis, Real Time-qPCR genotyping and expression experiments, microarray genotyping chip development, microarray expression experiments, whole genome sequencing and RNASeq. bioinformatics tools, quantitative genetics, gene to disease and disease to gene approaches may be apply on human, animal, plants and microbial species.

Consultancies may also be provided to the students of other related academic disciplines where molecular biology and biotechnology techniques are involved. Experimental design consultation may also be provided before the start of project experiments. Expert and experience verdict may also be imparted to the diagnostic labs to optimize the protocol for screening genetic and inherited human and animal diseases. Post experimental omics data analysis services may be provided suing R, SPSS, MS-Excel and online statistical tools.