Decode Genomics

Decode Genomics is an emerging center for research, training and molecular diagnosis of human and animal inherited diseases. Molecular diagnostics is a significant field of modern biology and dire need of societies having a high rate of consanguineous marriages. This platform offers a broad range of its services to the community including molecular diagnosis and genetic counseling for the different inherited diseases under its human division to make our homeland free from all hereditary diseases. While under the umbrella of animal division, we offer DNA-based bird sexing, large-body size genetic testing in goats for meat production, dogs/cats genetic testing for different quality traits e.g. curly coat, DNA-based buffalo breeds identification, horse gait testing and genomic screening in cows/heifers using 65K SNP-Chip for keep/cull decisions of your animals. Besides these initiatives, educational/industrial research projects, wet-lab training internships, NGS data analysis courses are also offered for students and enthusiasts to get familiar with genomic data science for producing the dexterous force of potential professionals in this scientific field of great concern.

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Our Mission Statement

Harness Inherited Diseases


Molecular Diagnosis & Genetic Counseling

“Decode Genomics” intriguing awareness of inherited diseases in the multitudes to break the chain of genome borne ailments at our homeland by screening and counseling the sufferers and parents. Promotion of research culture, flaring thoughtfulness, and understanding the importance of molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases through available genetic and genomic tools can make the difference in our society.